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Truthfully, I had done very little but still knew it was a rare moment to access how much I actually needed, what I could let go of—and what I planned on holding on to forever. My rhythm of donating or recycling basics and gym clothes is well tuned, and certain areas of my life are edited with a Pawson-like minimalism. On the other hand, I’m not great at letting go of fashion.

We all know in theory how liberating—both psychologically and financially—responsible wardrobe cleansing can be, but I’m cautious of letting someone else’s opinion into my closet.

As we have a new work trend that is WFH (work from home), it just required a uniform that is one button up shirt and a trouser and now our current moment has further tested the limits of just whom we’re dressing for.

As I believe in sustainable fashion, being a responsible fashion designer, I don’t want to give up on clothes, I kept those clothes at one side which I don’t wear now to reuse or recycle them.

As I moved forward in my cleaning I realized by looking at some dresses that now I will think before buying any stuff, “why I am buying this?” But keeping those clothes in just a sake of nostalgia, will be like a person from your past life looks good doesn’t mean you need him back.

At the end the key lesson learned: A sparer closet not only helps you home in on your style, it helps you look at things in a more creative way. After all: Pleasure is still meant to be at the heart of what we wear.

A blog from my lockdown time which made me adapt of a necessity and a responsible buying.

Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)

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