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Our undergraduate, graduate, weekend courses and Short-term courses provide invaluable knowledge across multiple verticals, coupled with a host of facilities to augment the learning process. Through a robust combination of research, mentoring, and international exposure, we play a key role in shaping our students to help them become the industry stalwarts of tomorrow.

Certification,Undergraduate &  post-graduate courses for Fashion Design & Interior Design

Short Term Courses

Weekend courses

[Class timing: 4 hours/week (Friday & Staurdays)]  Duration : 50 Hours

Pattern Making & Drafting

Fee-Rs 5,000/-

Textiles for Interiors

Fee-Rs 5,000/-

Promotional Product Development

Fee-Rs 4,000/-

Short Term Courses for Interior Design

Fee-Rs 5,000/-

Portfolio Development

Fee-Rs 4,000/-

Fine Arts and Sketching

Fee-Rs 5,000/-

Make-up courses and hairstyle courses (self-gromming)

Fee-Rs 5,000/-

Vaastu Planning

Fee-Rs 3,000/-

Summer Short-term courses

Class timing: 1.5 hours/day

Fine Arts

Duration- 30 days  Fee-Rs 4,500/-

Vaastu Design and planning

Duration- 40 days Fee-Rs 4,500/-

Illustration (Fashion Design)

Duration- 30 days Fee-Rs 4,000/-

Stiching (Fashion design)

Duration-  30 days Fee-Rs 4,500/-

Product designing(Interior Design)

Duration- 25 Days Fee-Rs 3,500/-


Duration-  15 days Fee-Rs 3,000/-

Personality development

Duration- 20 Days Fee-Rs 3,000/-

Basic furniture designing (Interior Design)

Duration-  25 days Fee-Rs 3,000/-

Hand embroidery

Duration- 20 Days Fee-Rs 3,000/-

Jewelry making

Duration-  15 days Fee-Rs 2,500/-

Textile design/block prints/tie & dye phad/batik/ikat bagru print

Duration- 20 Days Fee-Rs 3,500/-

Outlet without stitch/ Saree draping/ saree styling

Duration- 7 days + 3 days Fee-Rs 2,500/-

Revit software(Interior Design)

Duration- 30 Days Fee-Rs 7,500/-

Auto Cad & sketch up (Interior Design)

Duration-  30 days Fee-Rs 7,500/-

Plan elevation & 3D view (interior Design)

Duration- 25 Days Fee-Rs 3,000/-