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As we know India is the homeland of myriad fabrics and textile design in luminous hues and patterns. In this blog we will going to share about another craft of Rajasthan that is “DABU”.

Rajasthan is acknowledged as the most prolific state for hand block printing in India. According to the ancient time, the origin of this art was found in China. Within a long time, hand block print went to extend in India and today villages of (Sanganer, Bagru, and Akola) Rajasthan have become the most prominent producers of various hand block prints. Dabu print was produced about 675 A.D in the village of Akola, Chittorgarh district.

Dabu printing is a slow process but it yields artistic results. Rajasthan being the home to Dabu printing technique, motifs used have a traditional approach to its existence. Dabu print fabric involves natural dyes and pastes which make it environmentally suitable. A lot of manual labor and extensive struggle is required to create Dabu print fabric. Dabu sarees and Dabu print kurtis are widely accepted by current generation. Process of creating Dabu print fabric is so prolonged that the outcome is worth it. A timeless craft, Dabu print involves raw materials; mud and water.

The skill of Dabu print is still a safeguarded art of the artisans living in the village of Akola. In primeval India, the practice of this art was not easy and hard to survive more. Nevertheless, the traditional sculpture revitalizes again and endow with new blueprints. Hopes, Dabu print will go further in the future and attain the gigantic potential across the world.