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Future of fashion in the wake of COVID -19

This is so early to predict the consumerbehaviour I do believe that the consumer will rise out of it more sentimental and sensitive towards various phenomena such as fast fashion, climate change, etc. During the lockdown, people are learning the importance of resources and must learn to use them more wisely. This shall initiate an inclination towards garments that have more longevity and creative and emotional value; so to speak, the consumer may learn the relevance of mindful, slow fashion goods created with authentic craft techniques by humans and not machines. This shall increase demand for independent designers and young brands for the kind of excitement they create in fashion and those with business models that chase infinite growth through fast fashion may seek redefinition.

There will be online domination, as we can see that people are already moving towards online therapy that retail therapy because of the safety measures. For the business to survive, online is the key to brands’ survival now and their success in the future. With online market boom there will be a boom to sustainability as people are becoming more conscious about buying and people are thinking a lot more around endorsing companies that have a mission, that have a purpose, that do good in the world.

Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)