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Undoubtedly, music has a very strong influence on our lives, which involves health, feelings and moods. In addition, it evokes several aspects of our lives whether or not it’s art.Music plays a crucial role in ways we tend to do things and even on aspects like what we choose to wear. The outcome music has on fashion has been apparent throughout history. However, currently with social media taking a major part in such a massive role in how things are seen and shared, its role of music has been altered dramatically.

Looking back through history, music has continuously had a strong influencing factor on fashion and elegance. None is more evident than the 60’s style. Throughout the sixties, fashion and music were terribly closely connected. Each contend a large role in how each of them influenced the other. However, music commands a bigger role in which direction the style trade ultimately ended up going. The dominant theme throughout the 60s was peace and love. The hippie style consisted of bell bottom pants, flowers and vibrant colours. Artists throughout that era, used to be dressed in this fashion as well. In a way, the approach they dressed, what they wore, helped giving a shape to industry fashion. The music additionally became a part of the hippie movement.

For years, art has created a commercial and style trade which is currently more intense than ever before. Generations of inspiration has ensured that fashion triumphs as an industry sector with measureless artistry that runs in music industry.

Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)

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