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A brand insipired from folk dances of rajasthan.

Brand founder

PRANAVI DHELAWAT, currently working with INIFD UDAIPUR

Born and bought up in Rajasthan, she always held a special place in heart and her life. The tradition, the spices, the warmth people share and the colors were all inbuilt in her. Being a passionate dancer from Rajasthan, the folk dance always attracted her and so that’s how she got her first inspiration as a brand, PETTTICOAT.

We can see the grace and beautiful colors and twirls from Ghoomar in her collection from the color palette of red, bright yellow, blushing pink, warm oranges and elegant whites. To infused the traditions of Rajasthan she has used the bija and gota work.

As a designer, she has also focused on the hot temperature of Rajasthan, so to do the justice with her collection and also to promote sustainability she opted for cotton fabrics which provided the swirls and flow we required, also kept the body cool.