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Rajasthani Technique of Block Print - BAGRU

Rajasthani Technique of Block Print - BAGRU

Under the bright desert sun of northwest India, small things sometimes cast long shadows. Rajasthan, state rich in its traditions, heritage, crafts and culture.

What is the history?

This blog is about the years of old craft which is being followed by the loyal people of Rajasthan which are trying to keep this tradition and print alive in their own country, i.e., BAGRU PRINT. Community behind keeping this craft alive are CHIPPA PEOPLE (literally meaning people who stamp or print). Origin of this craft was 450 years back when a community of Chhipas came to Bagru from Sawai Madhopur (Alwar), and settled in Bagru. Bagru is a small village, 30-40kms away from Jaipur on Jaipur-Ajmer highway.


Know about craft

Bagru printing is one of the traditional techniques of printing with natural colour. The process starts from preparing the cloth to finished printed fabrics through their indigenous methods. Motifs having some specialty are transferred onto light coloured background with wooden blocks following two styles – direct and resist style. Although this technique is facing problems against the threat of globalization, this exotic art of creation is required to be encouraged in the present context of environmental consciousness.

Adapting this craft to contemporary fashion is responsibility of every designer of India, and to encourage our local artisans to produce beautiful pieces.