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Another art form that has to be saved is “Roghan painting”.

Traditional Indian handicrafts reflect the culture and history of the place they come from. One such unique art form is Rogan painting. This rare craft is practised by a lone Muslim family in India, the Khatris, who call the sleepy hamlet of Nirona in Gujarat’s Kutch district their home. This family of traditional artists has steadfastly kept this intriguing craft alive for over three centuries, protecting it from vanishing into the folds of history.

The Roghan painting is done only by 6 surviving people in India right now. The Khatri family living in the Kutch area of Rajasthan have been the practitioners of the art for seven generations, but they fear that this will be the last surviving generation for the Roghan painting as the future generation isn’t patient or hardworking enough to take it up. This extraordinary form of art is executed on fabric with castor oil, paints and a 6-inch thin metal rod. The paintings are expensive and are generally purchased by foreigners.

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Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)