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Story of Scissors

Every object, or a product that has been designed by a human being, lie an inspiration or a story that reflects in that product. So, this blog is in collaboration with loveina (Scissor girl).

She thinks Scissors are like a magic wand for her, she believes more in scissors than in sewing machine. The title says about the thought process of loveina- “DARK AS BLACK” Women in black. Psychology says that people who love black colour have the most colourful mind. Black is more like poetry, secrecy, mystery, seductive, bold, powerful colour.


Fierce with the correct amount of sexy is my thing. My relationship with black has been very interesting. I cut my old leggings and t-shirt into a sexy attire. The only tool l use is SCISSORS.

The DISCOLORED STONE stand still into a gesticulation of poise, beaten to lifelessness by the assaults of time. The aroma of artistry takes me to the reminisces of a lost empire. As I aspire to recycle expertise from the ruins of past.

The MANNEQUINS illustrates an impersonal coldness, yet to me they are the motifs of an unembellished perfection. As I drape around them the crochet of modesty and self-confidence, I bring life to the, they bring me an indescribable success.

This awe inspiring outfit that you’ve been laying your eyes upon, is made exclusively of the things that you’ve just decaled.

The breath – taking design drawn out of paper cuttings add an applaud able classiness to a woman ‘s beauty, as we cover her body with a re- conditioned grandeur.And that’s all l wanted to bring in your eyes.