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Another art form that has to be saved is “Toda EMBROIDERY”.

Indian culture, art and traditions depict ‘Diversity and Yet University’. In India there are various state having their own particular embroidery. One of which is Tamil Nadu famous for various embroidery and arts. The southern parts of Tamil Nadu are surrounded by very beautiful Nilgiri Hills. Within these hills lives a Tribal Community called Todu. They are expert in embroidery called Toda which is famous in the world. It is distinct style of embroidery locally called Pugur, which means flower. This fine and intricate embroidery is done by tribal men and women on shawls. The shawl adorned with the Toda embroidery is called Poothkuli. This particular shawl has alternate red and black stripes at the gap of six inches. The embroidery is done on the stripes of red and black colour. Motifs are worked, by counting the threads.


The embroidery is so fine that it looks like weaving. Embroidery is reversible and Todas use the rougher under side of the fabric as the right side. This embroidery is carried from one generation to other generation. The embroidery is basically on cotton fabric by counting the thread by counting the thread.

The Toda tribe resides in the Nilgiri Hills. The entire tribe consists of only 2000 people and they’re struggling to protect their culture and craft. The embroidery is basically done on cloth with square-shaped deceptions that are one of a kind. You’ll find this embroidery done on everything from wallets, cell phone pouches, bed sheets, stoles etc. and each design is unique in its own way.

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Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)