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Your home is your haven, your safe place, so it should make you feel that way; safe and secure. Your home can attract positive vibes for you! The help of some external elements and a positive attitude can help to bring positivity home. 

Plants and Flowers
Plants have the natural ability to infuse your home with fresh, cool air, the aroma of spring, and a pleasing aura. Turn your balcony, if your home has one into your home garden, window sill into your flower shelf and empty corners into green nooks.A combination of plants and sunlight is guaranteed to bring positivity into your home


Does your house receive enough sunlight? If not, that could be the primary reason your house feels dull and gloomy. Clean blinds and wipe down your windows regularly so you can control the amount of light entering your room even on hot days.

Keep clean
If your home isn’t clean, the flow of positive energy is hindered. It’s not something you can see, but definitely feel. The simple act of clearing up clutter is enough to free up locked energy. A clean home attracts good vibes. simple act of clearing up clutter is enough up to free up locked energy

Colour Splash
Instinctively, human beings are attracted to colour. It could be a colour that invokes a memory, that is pleasing to look at or just makes you feel good. Try and bring perky hues into your home with small additions like flower pots, photo frames, lamps and pillows. Can brighten up even the dullest corner

Personalising your home can be a fun activity and just engaging in the task can be enough to make you feel happy. Place personal items in sight, so the minute you feel a sense of negativity coming on, you can look at them and be reminded of the happy times.

Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)

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