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What is the future of interior design?

As we isolate in our homes, we become increasingly aware of how our interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work and our physical comfort.

Here are the ways that interior design practice will change as a result of today’s quarantine culture.


  • Currently, there are primarily physical environments and virtual spaces. Video conferencing is making people more aware of how they are perceived, and spaces in the future will be designed with that in mind
  • The importance of interior design and mental and physical health will become more prevalent than ever. Designers will need to consider how we can assist in mental health through interior environments, using lighting, materials, sound and acoustics. In homes, spaces will become more flexible. “We will have to consider what elements of design we can use to protect the public’s health, including materials, distancing, physical separation or proximity, and interaction with objects.
  • Living Sustainably & Quality Over Quantity. More time at home means higher utility bills! So who wouldn’t want to design to reduce energy consumption? Simple changes like what light bulbs you’re using to bigger investments like solar panels and better insulation can help keep home costs down.In addition to eco-friendly home features, buying quality over quantity is becoming more of a must than a maybe. If you buy the sofa that lasts it stays out of landfills MUCH longer.

Written by

Sakshi Mehta

Fashion Design (Three Year)